Rio Olympics


GE Technology Center, Rio Olympics



COMPANY : Sub Rosa

YEAR : 2016

ROLE : Creative Technologist /

Ideation, Wireframes, System Design, Equipment Ordering, Timeline, Prototyping, Full stack development, Q&A, installation guide creation, remote support



GE, an official sponsor of the 2016 Rio Olympics, created an experience around their visitor center lasting 3 months, inviting guests to learn about the implemented infrastructure support in the city.




Multiple interactive experiences filled the space, each focusing on a different verticals. topics ranged from power infrastructure, environmental lighting & new water solutions.




Description of installs

The interactive media experiences, Transforming Rio & Billions Connected, were built in house, and were my sole focus and responsibility.
Two multi-screen based experiences, with a kiosk-like functionality. An iPad running a Angular Web App acts as a interactive menu to trigger media play back on a larger wall mounted LCD screen, controlled via a BrightSign Player.


Transforming Rio

Transforming Rio, focused on the infrastructure that had been implemented throughout the city by GE in the lead up the Olympics. The touch screen consisted of a map interface, that would allow you to select different regions, to view content surrounding the topic. The application offered 3 different language options.



Billions Connected

Billions connected, had very much the same functionality, but was a much simpler system, with less options and a basic menu like UI. Upon selecting an element on the touch screen, users would trigger Drone footage from the city.



2x Bright sign player, 2x Mac mini, 2x iPad Pro, MAMP, angular web application, UDP, bright sign player