CNN Experience



COMPANY : Sub Rosa

YEAR : 2017

ROLE : Senior Creative Technologist /
Technical Project Lead

Ideation, Wireframes, System Design, Equipment Ordering, Timeline, Prototyping, Development, Q&A, Installation, Documentation, Onsite support, data capture, miscellaneous screen support & setup



In 2017, CNNs annual sales event for media agency representatives, flipped the script and brought their pop-up experience directly to 15 top-tier agencies in New York & Boston.




The experience provided a space for agencies to engage with CNN’s portfolio of content through interactive experiences, engage with the sales team and hear from key players during curated panels.



Description of installs

There were a total of five interactive experiences; A VR experience focusing on Premium Business developed by CNN, An A-1 Array CNN news desk photo booth celebrating the Power of Live news, A “Which HLN anchor are you?” iPad Quiz, A Physical and Digital Content Experience highlighting Great Big Story and finally an interactive sensory experience focusing on CNN’s Original Series. Our team activated this pop-up 15 times over the span of two months.




Four iPads mounted into a map graphic, invite guests to take the quiz and find out which HLN news anchor they are. I assisted with; Ideation, Basic Wireframes / UI, Management of freelance developer, Installation, Onsite Support



Great Big Story

The Great Big Story experience centered around guests searching for and revealing the hidden stories behind everyday objects. Guests, armed with a torch were invited to shine a light on an assortment of objects, encased in resin, displayed on pedestals of various heights. Upon casting light on an object, a light sensor was triggered and the corresponding GBS segment was activated on the flat screen. In Addition to the media experience, was the message decoder, a large glowing button would invite guests to reveal the hidden message on a printed graphic mounted in a shadow box outfitted with LEDs. Upon hitting the button, the LEDs embedded in the box would change colour, acting as a filter to the printed graphic displaying a clear message.



Original Series

This experience utilized a unique sensory experience, focusing on the scent, to underscore the dynamic qualities of CNN’s original series. Six Bell jars containing different scented elements were situated on a large round table with a central map graphic with mounted iPhones. Upon lifting a jar to smell the scent, the corresponding iPhone would display content relevant to the location on the map and the scent. Additionally mounted above the map were 3 mounted tablets, looping the Original Series sizzle reel.


Links / Press



GBS / Networked Brightsign Player, Light Sensors, Phidget Controller, Mac Mini, Node script / Decoder / Arduino, LED strips, Toggle Button with LED
OS / iPhones, Rolling Switches, Phidget Controller, Mac mini, Node Script, Multivid Player App, Nexus Tablets